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Rory Bremner & Chums - (TV)

I am a big fan of Rory Bremner.
I love the way he can do reasonable impressions of most politicians, and then he makes them say something that it satirical.
Like Tony Blairs says, "Hello, I'm Tony Blairs, I'm a liar and I also have big ears and a wife."
I usually have tears rolling down my face by that point.
Then he pretends to be another politician and makes them say something political and satirical.
Then those old men come on and pretend to be angry with each other an d usually don't make a joke, just ramble endlessly.
Then, thankfully, Rory comes back on dressed as Nelson Mandella (Though sounding like Tony Blair again) and says, "Hello, I'm Neil Kinnock, Labour is rubbish, I like ginger."
So funny, I hope the labour watch this programme, it will certainly shake the government up, I reckon if Channel 4 give him a further series we will see world peace and harmony.
I love satire, though Mark Thomas is a fanny.

Rating: 5/5
By Bert Potter

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