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Jfk - (Film)

Dallas,1963, President Kennedy is assasinated and Kevin Costner is smoking a pipe, coincidence? or something more sinister?
After thinking about it a few times I realise it has no relevance, shame, I was counting on that as a lead.
Anyway, Joe Pesci wears a better wig then he did in Casino and plays a gay man who likes Cuba, kind of like Will Young.

Next we meet Kevin Costner's wife, Sissy Spacek, she is all pretty and woman, she didnt do it.

Next we find out that Gary Oldman is involved, well, who next? Tommy Lee Jones?

I dont believe it, Tommy Lee Jones IS involved, I have just called the Dallas Police and told them, they didnt seem interested, this is indeed a Coup De Tarr as Donald Sutherland just said.

Kevin Costner is so stupid, he has just asked Donald Sutherland his name, hasnt he seen Mash? does he not know?

Gary Oldman has been shot dead, why is no one doing anything????

Joe Pesci has killed himself, did he do it?? what is going on???

Kevin Costner is crying in court, he's just showed a film of Kennedy's head falling off, bad tatse I feel, what about asking who killed Gary Oldman??

I will conduct my own investigation, this is a shambles.

Rating: 0/5
By Columbo

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Comment By: Sara, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 2/5

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Comment By: link building, 26 Oct 2013, Rating: 2/5

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