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History & 'allo 'allo - (Other)

Having just returned from a trip to the library, I find myself very disturbed by what I discovered in the history section.

Never having really paid attention in history class at school, my entire education pertaining to the second world war was based purely upon what I had watched in the late 80's BBC programme "'Allo 'Allo".

I had always thought that the WW2 was a funny event full of bumbling Italians ("Whadda mistake-a to make-a" - ha ha, hilarious), gay German tank drivers, French maids being chased by overweight French cafe owners, sexual innuendo and idiotic Oxford accented Englishmen. Oh how wrong I was.

Apparently people actually died in the millions, and rather unpleasantly too. In real life the Gestapo weren't laughable men with limps and gay sidekicks; in fact they weren't very nice at all.

I also found out after browsing the art section at the library, that The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies, by Van Clomp did not actually exist. I feel so embarrased having gone through the whole of art school saying that it was my favourite piece of classical art.

All in all, a very dstressing morning for me.

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By Mr Ic Van Dyke

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