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King Kong - (Film)

Hello, It is I, Billy Donko!!
Owner of the world famous, Monkey house in Braknell.
I watched King Kong at the weekend with my wife and all my apes and monkey children.
It was ok, and we all enjoyed it very much, Mikey, the youngest chimp jumped up and down on the spot clapping and howling!
I got in from a hard day at the zoo to find my wife and all the apes missing.
I looked all over the house, but nothing, I went into town to ask around if anyone had seen her or any of my monkeys.
I didnt have to ask as it turned out, they were all on top of the town hall holding my wife and touching her up, suddenly a fleet of biplanes appeared in the sky and gunned them all down, they all fell into the street covering everyone in blood.
One man observed, "The planes killed them!"
the local vicar said, "No, it was beauty killed the beast"
Which I just had to say was wrong, and unfair, my wife was in no way responsable for their deaths.
I was left with no monkeys and a wife who was seriously traumatised.
When will Hollywood learn that these films can influence monkeys?
I remember when Bonzo (my young gibbon) saw the film "Psycho"
he began to watch my wife shower and throw poo at her, which to be fair, he had always done, but my point is still valid.
So, in conclusion, the film was ok, but it should NOT, ui repeat NOT be shown to any monkeys.
Anyway, im off to pick my wife up from the hospital.

Rating: 2/5
By Billy Donko

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