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Jaws - (Film)

Hello All,

Im Jaws from the James Bond films.
And Ironically, my favourite film is Jaws.
I watched it just yesterday with my small swedish mountain wife.
Of course, I had to put the teeth in, otherwise there would be no point watching it.
Just as the first attack happened I roared in approval, so loud that my next door neighbour (Tee Hee from live and let die) came round to complain. I invited him and his little metal hand in to watch the film, he accepted, we started kissing , I mean watching from where I had paused it.
When the second attack happened we both laughed and roared our approval, so loud that my next door neighbour but one (Nik Nak from the man with the golden gun) complained, he came in through the cat flap and shouted at us in his tiny voice, we all laugh about it now, even though he seems to cry.
Anyway, he dedcided to stay and watch Jaws as well, he must have been more scared, as to me the shark is big, and I'm a big man, to Tee Hee must think the shark is massive, Nik Nak must think it is as big as the world! (probably)
So, during the third shark attack we all shouted and laughed, so much that Mr Goldfinger from next door came round to say that he had Jaws The Revenge with Michael Caine, so we applauded him and combed his pretty hair, we agreed to watch them all in order as Scaramanga had 2 and Hugo Drax had Jaws 3D.
We all sat together and enjoyed it alot, apart from Nik Nak, who was mauled to death by the cat.

Rating: 2/5
By Jaws (From James Bond)

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