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Grease - (Film)

I bought this film last year for my sister who lives next door.
Sadly, i bought it on dvd, and with her being fatally alergic to round things, she died instantly, i tried to wake her up with my hammer and knives, but, no joy.
I even sawed her into little pieces with a hack saw, but she wouldnt stir.
The police didnt believe me, so im now in prison for life, and did not get a chance to watch the film.
So, as a review this is a bit sketchy.
But, on a brighter note, i am now Mr Big and get to stab nude men in the showers and use "fags" or "snouts" as currency.
This is lots of fun, i recommend it to children and adults alike.
so, 0 for Grease, but about a 3 for Prison, not great, but fun.

Rating: 2/5
By Nobby Strange

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Comment By: Lalita, 05 May 2012, Rating: 1/5

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