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Things I Bought From Amazoon On The Webber - (Website)

hello fellow consumers, I bought some things from amazon, i thought id review with you what i thought.

1. I bought a cd, entitled "the best of Chris Rea" I was very annoyed when it was delivered and there were no good songs on it, i played it many times and it just sounded like a man doing a poo in a lift. I was not best pleased.
2. I ordered a dvd, the funniest bits from "Goodness Gracious Me" Upon watching it i was upset to see that it was blank.
3. I ordered 100 pounds of deadly anthrax, i tested it on my wife, she was quite dead in seconds, so that was good.
4. I ordered four guns and eight knifes, i tested them out on the man who lives in our upstairs room, he is now dead too, and in bits.
5. I ordered a deadly viper, it arrived and bit me, i am now dieing, im sick of amazons shoddy service causing deaths.

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By Dandy Randy Andy Pandy

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HNnazQ I really enjoy the blog article. Want more.
Comment By: matzcrorkz, 06 Aug 2014, Rating: 3/5

q3C3GF Thanks so much for the blog.Much thanks again. Really Great.
Comment By: online business, 13 Sep 2013, Rating: 1/5

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Comment By: Charles, 01 Apr 2013, Rating: 1/5

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