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My First Attempt At Cloning John Lennon - (Music)

Through the miracle of modern science, yesterday I cloned John Lennon effectively bringing him back to life.

Only now do I understand why people are against cloning - upon asking him if he could write a song for me, not only did he break a string on my guitar but the best he could come up with was a song called "Green Submarine". He told me it rhymed better than Yellow Submarine.
The lyrics went:

We all live in a green submarine/
Except Paul/
Who now lives with some bird who is better looking than Yoko/
What a cunt he is/
Changing all the songs to McCartney-Lennon/
Even though Lennon-McCartney is the right order alphabetically/

We all live in a green submarine/
Except George/
Who has probably been reincarnated/
As a beetle ironically/
Cause he really was into the whole mystical thing/
I just liked having an excuse to take acid/

And let's not forget Ringo/
He can live in my submarine/
So long as he takes off those sunglasses and has a shave/
Cause he looks like a poor mans "Faith" era George Michael

What really annoyed me was that he just ripped off "Breakfast In America" by Supertramp for the tune.

John then used my toilet to take a shit and stank the entire flat out. I told him to fuck off out of my flat or make himself useful and Cillit Bang the stains out of my duvee.

That's the last time I ever clone a dead rock star.

Rating: 2/5
By Mr Ic Van Dyke

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Comment By: Ben, 21 Dec 2012, Rating: 2/5

I knew I had a use on this planet !
Comment By: Barry Scott, 14 Jan 2009, Rating: 5/5

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