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Paranormal Activity - (Film)

I understood this to be a film about a young couple who have been hearing noises in the night in their San Diego home - They buy a video camera to record the spooky goings-on in their house. I thought, "Great! Young sexy couple in California buy a video camera to film sexy goings on in their room. That'll be well sexy."

I was so disappointed to find out that there was no sexy action, just a lot of screaming (not even sexy screaming). It's all about ghosts - but there wasn't even ghost on ghost action going on. If I bought a video camera to film ghosts at it in my room I'd want to see ghostly snot shots and maybe a bit of three way ghost action.

Nothing. Not even a sexy girl ghost reading a grumble mag. They could've at least had a woman and a ghost guy making some sexy pottery on a pottery wheel. Although I think that's been done before.

The bird in the film consults a psychic who tells her that the events she describes indicate a demon rather than a ghost. Demons aren't sexy. They're all like big and gruff saying "grr, I'm going to demonise you and stuff". What's so sexy about that?

Apparently this film will make you want to sleep with the lights on. Well let me tell you, my bedroom is prone to making the odd noise in the night, but that's just phillipino family who live in my wardrobe. The only reason I sleep with the lights on is because the lightswitch in my room is broken.

I don't want to spoil the ending for you or anything, but it was actually old man Smith from rubber factory in a white sheet. He'd have got away with it too if it hadn't of been for you sexy kids.


Rating: 1/5
By Mr Ic Van Dyke

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I suppsoe that sounds and smells just about right.
Comment By: Mochmoch, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 3/5

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Comment By: Nathamon, 04 Oct 2012, Rating: 1/5

I thought it was highly amusing. Especially when the woman got dragged out of bed. I wouldn't say it was laugh out loud funny. But it was a fine comedy of errors. And i never realised demons were good at hickeys as well as banging things for no reason.
Comment By: tommy titmouse, 02 Dec 2009, Rating: 2/5

i thought the film had a few chilly moments
Comment By: dave wilson, 28 Nov 2009, Rating: 2/5

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