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The Wiggy Hour, On Realish Radio Wales - (Other)

Whilst scavaging through the digital radio channels my curiosity forced me to stop at this channel when I saw the text; "It's the Wiggy hour, with more of Wales' best variety of Kate Bush. Give HIM a call on ect. . .
Him, I thought, picturing a one man operated radio station and instantly saw in my mind a comedy movie staring lots of Eddie Murphies running a radio station much to the confusion of slow witted accountant Judge Reinhold who thinks something is a miss but can't quite put his finger on the cause.
Anyway, after Wuthering Heights had finished playing, 'Wiggy', started his monologue. From the opening sentence it was unfortunatley clear that his only advertising contract was for a beef jerky shop in a place called Moosejaw in a distant region of Canada; So still wondering if I could actually speak to Wiggy himself I dialled in still listning to the show. Moments later I was most surprised to hear the phone ringing on the radio interupting Wiggy from his explanation of the unusual texture of beef jerky with shrimp. Wiggy then said, "excuse me a minute listner", before I also heard on the radio, "Hello, Wiggy speakin'", followed a moment later with the same thing at the other end of my phone.
Not entirely prepared for this and slightly bemused I simply said in a monochromatic tone, "Play Wuthering Hights"
I then heard a, click-burrr. Followed by The hiss of the turntable as Wuthering Heights started playing.
I repeated this for the rest of the Wiggy hour; and will do again tomorrow and perhaps the day after...

Rating: 5/5
By Lego Indiana Jones

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