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Inglorious Basterds - (Film)

This is a very devious film. Even the title is trying to trick you. How many times did you double check you had read it correctly? Yes for this one you will need to keep your wits about you.
Normally you would believe it all starts when a renown german comes to intergate a frenchman milking a cow. Then he waffles on about animals. Don't be decieved though, it's highlighting the trouble Ronald MacDonald had when negotiating the price of milk. Make a mental note of how killing hobo's under the floorboards sealed the deal. I must confess I fell asleep at this point.
When I woke marlon brando and a group of men, who looked like the grown up railway children, had captured a nazi. It seems locking one of the railway children under the bridge had caused him to go slightly mad so why not give him a bat to relieve his stress. Who needs psychiatrists?
Then it plondered on to a jewish girl pretending to be french, yes that didnt make any sense to me either, and some half wit making a last effort to repress his homosexuality. Why couldnt the chap just come clean?
That dragged on for a while and we discovered the jewish girl was seeing an african guy and they planned to burn down their cinema for insurance purposes. Make a note it doesnt pay to try fraudulant acts.
A bit further on there was a whole load of german men in a basement and one woman. In obvious fashion all the men kill each other over the woman and Marlon Brando comes to save the day showing patience is truly a virtue because that woman just happened to be Cindrella!!
All of a sudden the guy who you thought was Ronald MacDonald turns out to be Prince Charming and in true fairytale fashion hunts down Cindrella, who he then strangles for a laugh. After that he captures Marlon Brando and prattles on about winning some war. Unfortunatley he lets his imagination get ahead of himself because for some reason he releases Marlon Brando and gives him a knife. Brando still jealous about Cindrella scars Prince Charming for life.

The End

Rating: 2/5

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