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The New Knightrider - (TV)

I gotta say it; that show aint right.
The whole point of Knightrider was that it was a a story about a loan cruisader taking on people who were above the law (alone), with minimal technical support.
The new Knightrider seem to be about a large group of an overly attractive technical undergrad students caught up in their own hairstyles, that are using this most manliest of cars to 'partay' in. And furthermore what's with the new KITT; he's lost all the dry sarcastic witt and the British nasel tones. He now just droans on pretending to be clever when infact he's obviousley just a bloke in a studio reading a script; (He doesn't even sound like a car anymore). At lease William Daniels had the nonse to sit in the back and disguise himself as a seat)
And howcome this new super kitt doesn't understand basic human interaction; has sombody accidentally shoved sttng's Data up his exhaust pipe and assymalated him into the mainframe.
And how come they never take the car anywhere. That's the whole point of the fucking show. . .

There; I've said it !

Rating: 0/5
By Lego Indiana Jones

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Yea, it is shit, I'm not in it. I didnt have a voice, I just revved a lot. The voice of Kitt should be Jeremy Clarkson, with the Hamster in the boot and James May in the petrol tank.
Comment By: KATT, 25 Jun 2009, Rating: 5/5

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