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Frank Coffman, Goblin Killer - (Book)

1957, Frank Coffman is born into poverty in Queens, New York. He is raised by his catholic mother and ghost father. Frank soon learns at school that the only way to make yourself heard in Queens is to speak with your fists.

Frank left school when he was 14 and on a fateful day in 1971, he began his career in ernest.

9pm, Frank clocked off work for the night. He was working at "Hoops", a roller disco on the wrong side of town. suddenly, nothing happened. Frank then realised he was to commit himself to killing Goblins.

In 1983 Frank began a 12 step drug detox, to this day he is still injecting drugs into his penis.

The number one book in Armenia is yours to own for just 73.50p.

Rating: 5/5
By Paul Kettle

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cLsKER Really enjoyed this article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.
Comment By: only for 5 dollars, 13 Sep 2013, Rating: 4/5

(Hardcover) Reason for Reading: DS read aloud to me as his non-fiction reader. This is a detfghliul easy reader, as are most of Millicent Selsam's Science I Can Read Book s which are sadly mostly out of print. This would be a wonderful one to bring back into print as the topic isn't out-dated at all. A little boy wants a goldfish, has saved up his money and asks his dad if he may buy one. So off he goes. From the moment he comes home with two goldfish in bags his father starts teaching him about fish, first they need a bowl and so forth. Willy is quite captivated by the way they breathe and does some experiments in the bathroom sink causing a watery mess but he just can't do it. He has to hold his breath. So Dad explains how fish breathe and later Willy is fortunate to find a fish for supper in the kitchen which he experiments on again to see the gills in action. This book may also be one of the first to show a family consisting of a single father and son. No mention of the situation is made or what happened to the mom, either. They do have a woman in the house who is quite obviously the cook/maid. Blegvad's illustrations are wonderful. Simple tones of red and green but wit
Comment By: Renza, 01 Apr 2013, Rating: 3/5

But who will oil the roller skates while your'a Goblin off ?
Comment By: Billy Snaps, owner of Hoops roller disco, 20 Mar 2009, Rating: 5/5

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