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My Telly - (TV)

It's big and it's square and spends most of the time waiting for a new series of Robin's Nest. Sometimes it wakes me up at night trying to climb the stairs like a fat Darlek claiming it's found the formula to the scoring system of Qi. One night when I appeared at the top of the stairs I noticed it was wagging it's front auxhiliary flap in excitement; so the next day I bought my telly a telly of it's own. Over the next few nights I heard my telly playing the smooth smooth sounds from late night classic fm. I thought nothing more of it; but then several weeks later I heard a mixture of cartoon noises coming from behind my telly. Upon closer inspection it revealed twelve little tellies all playing childrens shows. As the months went by most of the tellies left leaving only the one which liked Top Gear repeats and the one which liked French and Saunders. It was then that I discovered I'd had a gas leak for quite some time. After the leak was fixed I noticed I didn't actually own a telly.

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By Lego Indiana Jones

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i have on good knowledge from my panrter inside the met that this was brewing since thursday, (since the shooting) and the fact is the family that had their son shot have been told ALL THE FACTS, and are blatently lying and also the older brother is being watched closely now as well for gang related incidents, all of which the met are trying to control to the best of their abilities, but, and this is a big but, it depends on future funding, as to whether they can carry on searching and routing out the gang cultures across london. money again, money always talks, even when it comes to peoples safety, livlihoods and homes! disgusting! and no politicians of any worth can come back off holidays to answer to their own people? this city is a disgrace, this country is a disgrace!
Comment By: Malek, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 5/5

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