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Elephant Man - (Film)

My kids always enjoy watching Tarzan on tv & so as a treat for good behaviour and not crying when I killed the mother, I thought I would hire the video of Elephant Man, but oh what a mistake I made!!!

They obviously done this film on the cheap, firstly its all in black & white (cheaper film) & there was not enough money for full elephant make up (trunk, tusks & big ears), just a few lumps on the face. Infact things were so bad, he walks around most of the time with a sack over his head.

And god knows where they got the actor from, he slurs his words most of the time & can't walk properly.

I took it straight back to my local video rental & hired Shaving Ryan's Privates which I believe is a wonderful jaunt about World War 2 & beating those Nazis.....hooray & God bless The Queen

Rating: 3/5
By Lord Percy Lemon - Sage

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