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The 1980's - (Other)

Ah, the 1980's to me were a rich complex tapestry of colour and confusion. Space travel was a thing of the past, the future had already happened and technology had truly peaked. With the success of the first Indiana Jones film behind me; or as I call it, 'Jonesy nobs Karen Allen', I took delivery of a colour t.v. 21"; imagine that. For a little plastic chap like me it was like a cinema. I turned it on with the asbestos remote control, only a single wire between it and the telly no thicker than an elephants pube. It was then the most amazing thing happened. Through my domed glass window I saw a world where two men were performing sketches for my very entertainment. They were named Melon Smith and Griffin Rhys Jones: Imagine my suprise when one of them didn't turn out to be John Rhys Davies. I had to call him to break the staggering news that he was not alone with the rediculous middle name. John asked me to stop bothering him but I had to tell him what I had just seen.
Two yuppies were stood side by side admiring their Porches. The fat one presses a button cleverly concealed in his hand, it activates an alarm on the car. (John said "go on", (in his Welsh way)). The fat yuppie is then overcome my smugness knowing that; a - his car is now safe in the bbc parking lot and b - he's now got one over on his thinner friend. Unfortunately his smugness is short lived because the other yuppie also has a similar device concealed in his hand. As he activates it there is a slight pause on screen, the characters move very quickly an inch to the side and the weather changes; his Porsche has been replaced by a Robin Reliant. The smugness is literally wiped clean from the fat ones face and now oozes from his friend, his car is truly un-nickable.
"My God", John exclaimed. We spent the rest of the 1980's in silence. My next two films had to be overdubbed by Raul Julia. Nothing has ever come close to what I saw that day.

Rating: 5/5
By Lego Indiana Jones

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Comment By: Benjamin, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 0/5

I quite liked it, but I am scared of dogs.
Comment By: Andi Peters, 25 Aug 2008, Rating: 3/5

"Yea man, the 80's was awesome, I liked the sound, smells and shapes."

Comment By: Tony Aimees, 01 Aug 2008, Rating: 3/5

Comment By: Dermot, 16 Jul 2008, Rating: 5/5

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