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Catherine Tate Show - Retraction of Last Statement - (TV)

Dear sirs,

I represent the interests of Mr I Van Dyke and the Van Dyke family.

Unfortunately Mr Van Dyke is not well at the moment and is not thinking clearly due to certain medications known to have a significant effect on one's judgement.

The family of Mr Van Dyke would like to make it clear that he (or by proxy, the family) by no means endorses Catherine Tate, "The Catherine Tate Show" or any product, service or performance relating to Catherine Tate. This includes the following:

The Bill (1993) WDC Palmer
Milner (1994) Jesson's P.A.
Men Behaving Badly (1994) Young woman
That Peter Kay Thing (2000)
Attention Scum (2001)
Wild West (2004) Angela Phillips
The Catherine Tate Show (20042007) various characters
Bleak House (2005) Mrs Chadband
Love and Other Disasters (2006) Talullah Wentworth
Starter for 10 (2006) Julie Jackson
Sixty Six (2006) Aunt Lila
Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006) Sara
Marple: "A Murder is Announced" (2005) - Mitzi Kosinski
Doctor Who (2006, 2008) Donna Noble
The Bad Mother's Handbook (2007) Karen Cooper
Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution (2007) Dorothy Ratcliffe

The only exception being:

Big Train (1998 - 2002)

This programme has been deemed as being more than acceptable due to its high comedy value as generated by Kevin Eldon, Mark Heap, and Simon Pegg.

The family feels that, by adding a further statement with a value of ZERO, balance has once again been restored to this site, its owners and, well quite frankly, the universe.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Mr Henry George Peter Tarquin Hanranhanranrahoolie II (Bsc.)

Hanranhanranrahoolie, Hootieminger & Co

Rating: 0/5
By The Legal Representative of Mr I Van Dyke

Comments about This Article

Dear Mr. Hanranhanranrahoolie II,

It has been clear for some time now that Mr. Ic Van Dyke has not been at all well. He has been storming into our offices and demanding funds to enable him to buy Catherine Tate for some time now.
He values the pug ginger dead horse whipper at around 4.3 million, this was before Dr. Who, which he estimates adds approx 1.3 million to her fee.

I hope he gets the care he deserves and so obviously needs.


Ted Bonobo ESQ

PS Can you ask him for my Catherine Tate DVDs back?
Comment By: Ted Bonobo, 15 Jul 2008, Rating: 5/5

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