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Quality Teaspoons - (Other)

The guard said to me, "any last requests Dr. Jones". I said I wasn't a doctor and to stop showing me his enlarged testicle but I quite fancied a cup of tea.
Upon stiring sugar into the said beverage I was taken a back with how the teaspoon effortlessley glided through the brown liquid, directions were turned with ease, little to no splashing and the sugar held the same sweetness from the top to the bottom of the cup. I turned to the guard and demanded he took his penis out of my ear and to rush the teaspoon, (a zAck 18/10; dishwasher safe) directly to Berlin into the hands of the Furher.
Upon receiving the zAck 18/10 lego Hitler was instantly captivated, loosing his soul staring into the depths of the satin chrome scoop as it read his mind making his dreams come true. He was unable to concentrate on the war no longer for he had discovered the true meaning of happiness. The zAck 18/10 consumed his dreams and every waking moment, it became his lover, father, son and pet turnip all in one. They lived together till 1996 when lego Hitler drew his last breath whispering, "Mein leibchein, der knobkopft ist nuugen klumpenschauscht", which roughly translates into, 'I felt up our son'.
It took many years and wrong turns for the zAck 18/10 to find me at Shirley Basseys' house making a cup of brown; we both knew what to do. Shirley agreed, the tea was good.

Rating: 5/5
By Lego Indiana Jones

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a love of reading this Easter with these fun Lego Bunny Bookmarks! Head over to Living Locurto and grab some for your Easter beaksts! Posted in: Easter,
Comment By: Tiens, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 5/5

As the esteemed inventor of The Spork, I am bound to sing the praises of a spoon with a fork at the SAME end.
Comment By: Arnold Spork, 21 Aug 2008, Rating: 5/5

Everyone likes a good spoon. I prefer one with a fork on the other end !!
Comment By: Condorman, 14 Aug 2008, Rating: 5/5

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