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TV Programme Idea - (TV)

Not so much a review, more of a guage of opinion from my trusted friends at Hobo Bonobo.

After the success of TV programme 'Dancing On Ice', I thought that it was about time for a new take on the celebrity reality show format.

My suggestion 'hot off the heels' (ha ha - excuse the pun) of Dancing On Ice is called 'Burning In Hell'.

The concept of Burning In Hell is that we take all of the most irritating minor Z list celebrities/soap stars with either struggling careers or in need of a status boost and subject them to hell in the form of mental and physical torture. Each celeb is paired with a professional torturer straight from Guantanamo Bay and each week spends the time working on 'not cracking'.

Each week each celeb is given a false allegation to which they must not admit to whilst under torture. Amongst the possible allegations could be:
- Being gay or straight (dependent on actual orientation)
- Inappropriate use of the internet
- Public nudity
- Caught in the act of doing something they shouldn't (in a public place)


A celeb is eliminated each week until the last celeb to 'not crack' is crowned King or Queen of TV Hell.
They are then given a 30 second headstart from the TV studio ahead of a pack of hungry dogs.

So, any thoughts?


Rating: 5/5
By Mr Ic Van Dyke

Comments about This Article

LgleMK Awesome blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.
Comment By: make money online, 13 Sep 2013, Rating: 3/5

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Comment By: Bhaatta, 31 Mar 2013, Rating: 2/5

Will a budget of 50m be enough to get this off the ground?
Comment By: Hobo Representative, 30 Jun 2008, Rating: 5/5

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