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Freddie As Fr07 - (Film)

Hello, I'm Mark Kemode, I am moody and I like the dark.

Freddie as FR07 is a Story about a man-sized frog (voiced by Sir Ben Kingsley) recruited by British Intelligence to stop a villain (Voiced by Brian Blessed) who is shrinking England's national monuments.

This is by far the best film I have ever seen.

The animation is rich and crisp, the voice acting is spectacular and Sir Ben Kingsley really proves he is the worlds best actor by providing the best French voice I have ever heard.

I'll eat my spider-man pyjamas if this isn't the best cartoon ever made.

I can only express sadness that the planned "Freddie Goes to Washington" was never made due to severe lack of interest.

I only wish every film was as enjoyable as this and The Gnome Mobile.

Rating: 5/5
By Mark Kemode

Comments about This Article

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Comment By: Tareq, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 3/5

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Comment By: matzcrorkz, 06 Aug 2014, Rating: 4/5

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The criticsm on other forumns of this truely fabuolous film highlight everything good about it. We love this film - most fun we've had in years!
Comment By: Katie and Emma, 03 Mar 2009, Rating: 5/5

Dear Mr. Knebworth-Herts,

I think we both have to be brave for the sake of young Cameron.
"Freddie Goes To Washington" will never be made, and there is nothing you, I or Dick Jeans can do about it.
Howeverm, I have just completed the screenplay to "Freddie Fists 500" which promises to be a roller coaster of such sexual depravity that a million whores would blush.

Yours Sincrely,

Tedward Bonobo
Comment By: Ted Bonobo, 02 Sep 2008, Rating: 5/5

Dear Sir,
My son Cameron and I watched the original film ‘Freddie as FR07’ and enjoyed it immensely. When we did some research on the follow up ‘Freddie goes to Washington’ we were saddened to see that the film was never made. We would really like to see the film and we hope that it can be made. Please let us know if there are any plans to make the film in the future.

Steve Ryan Knebworth Herts.

Comment By: S.Ryan, 02 Sep 2008, Rating: 5/5

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