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Space Bastards!!!! - (Other)

I have just noticed that General Zod from Superman 2 is Gerry Adams from Space, shit!
What next? A Cosmic Peter Sutcliffe!?!?
Shit! I just saw Moonraker and Peter Sutcliffe is the baddie, fuck me!! What next? A Galactic Harold Shipman??
Holy Shit! I just watched The Matrix Reloaded, Shipman is the architect!

Rating: 5/5
By Xavier Marshall

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That's a genuinely imsirpseve answer.
Comment By: Redha, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 2/5

"this story either shows how far from his roots he has drtfeid or it shows how widespread misogyny is that even a supposedly serious journalist can print a deeply offensive artickle without even noticing."No, it shows that your (reasonable) hatred of the Daily Mail, and of the ingrained negative attitudes towards women deep within our culture that the Foster case demonstrates, have made you incapable of reading the article on its own merits. It's doing deliberately *precisely* what Shazbat thinks it's doing unconsciously, and precisely what you don't think it's doing at all: exploring the scary set of pre-egalitarian, pre-feminist values that lie within the mind of any man brought up in a society that *is* still pre-egalitarian in a lot of ways, and pointing out that Forster's attitudes *really aren't* different from those of a lot of 'ordinary, decent' [*] men who don't kill their families. Perhaps he should have put a gigantic "...AND FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, THE FACT THAT THESE ATTITUDES CONTINUE TO EXIST AMONG A LARGE SUBSET OF THE POPULATION IS A VERY BAD THING" on the piece, but it's entirely clear that that's what he means if you're reading the piece i
Comment By: Darren, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 2/5

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