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Tripods Season 2 - (TV)

Hello, I am Coggie, the weird clever gas.
As season 2 begins we see Will boxing, Henry running in a vest and Beanpole tossing, I mean being a boffin and learning.
We discover that the guys are getting ready to compete in the games, the winners of the games get to enter the city of gold and lead or something and work for a Tripod.
Will is a good boxer, Beanpole does the high jump and Henry is told to stay behind, as he is good at looking at Tripods, but he is also a prick. A lad called Fritz also joins our gang, he is a right bell end, but a very good sprinter (not a giant rat)
So, Fritz, Will and Beanpole all make the journey to the games to compete and try and win, upon arrival Will and Beanpole meet 2 girl and start to compete, Beanpole being the complete anus he is twists his ankle the night before he is due to compete, so Fritz and Will compete and win, and then get sucked up to go and work with the Tripods.
When they arrive they are made to dress like camp space sailors and are put out on display for masters to pick, Will is picked by a nice one, Fritz is made to work in the mines, best place for the little wazzock really.
Anyway, long story short, Will kills his master and with Fritz's help escapes the city, Fritz stays behind to work, he redeems himself but is still a jaffa.
Will is found floating by Beanpole and they both make their way back to the White Mountains again, after living in a circus for weeks they then head back to the mountains, which have been destroyed, dun dun darr!!!
Season 3 will explain all of what happens or what will happen next, except they never made one, dicks.
So, I think it was good, but I am clever gas, that probably smells of farts.

Rating: 5/5
By Coggie From The Tripods

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Comment By: make money online, 12 Sep 2013, Rating: 1/5

I can already tell that's gonna be super heufpll.
Comment By: Curt, 01 Aug 2013, Rating: 3/5

Never if I get my way! No one cares anymore lads, no one cares.
Comment By: John Shackley, 30 Jun 2008, Rating: 5/5

I always wanted to watch the Tripods. When is the second series coming out on DVD?
Comment By: Lord Mung, 30 Jun 2008, Rating: 4/5

This article doesn't mention me at all.
Comment By: Jim Baker, 29 Jun 2008, Rating: 0/5

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