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Diff'rent Strokes - (TV)

What choo talkiníabout?

only kidding, its me, Arnold, Iím typing this on tip toes as i am a midget.
I was always told to write about what i know, so, asides from humiliation, I thought id write about Diff'rent Strokes.
What a brilliant show this is, the premise is as follows, Mr Drummond has an elderly black housekeeper with 2 kids, the housekeeper dies suddenly leaving the 2 kids orphaned in the hood.
Mr Drummond being the kind hearted soul he is, takes them in and lets them live in his swanky apartment, with him and his daughter Kimberly, he gives them a room to share with cool toys and a great bed, those boys names were Arnold and Willis.
Willis was a wise, smart kid, though would sometimes be prone to impulsiveness (like holding liquor stores to get money to but crack and be in and out of jail) but he had a heart of gold.
Arnold (me) was a wise cracking little old man, smart kid who cared so much about everyone and actually liked it when Mr Drummond kissed him on the face every day. Kimberly was a typical teenage girl, thinking about boys all the time and always getting into scrapes (Like dieing of a drugs overdose and posing for nudey pics) but she loved her little adopted brothers so much. Mr Drummond was in no way dodgy or creepy, he was just nice, ok?
The plots always centred on some sort of moral conundrum, ending the same way with Mr Drummond saying to Arnold/Willis/Kimberly, "I hope you've learned something today?"
To which Arnold (irrespective of who Mr Drummond was talking to) would say, "What choo talking about, DAD?"
The only two episodes i really remember well were 1. Arnold and his mate being in the Bike Shop and the man that owned it wouldnt let them leave as he was dodgy, but they get away.
2. Nancy Reagan was in it at Arnold's school doing a "Just Say No" campaign and Arnold says to her, "What choo talkin about Mrs Reagan!"
hilarious, in the same way that death is and Lee Evans isnt.

Rating: 4/5
By Arnold Dummond

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