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Minority Report - (Film)

My name is Tom Cruise, I am a good looking man who likes the ladies, yes, the ladies.
I am a man in the future who is good at solving future crimes, with the help of the pre-cogs (like Coggie from the Tripods)
I saw myself murdering someone, I was arrested by Colin Farrell, he is good looking, but probably bent.
I like the future, everything is made by Audi, like in I am a Robot.
I am glad you are not arrested for future crimes, other wise I would have been in jail years ago for Far and Away, in which I did the best "Oirish" accent since Brad Pitts.
Anyway, I got new eyes and rescued Sinead O'Conner, she was mental, she helped me escape and solve the case.
Luckily for you, it all turns out O.K in the end.

Rating: 4/5
By Tom Cruise

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