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The Masters of The Universe - (Film)

Greetings, I am He Man (or Prince Adam if you prefer)
On Eternia I have 3 special friends, Man at Arms, Teela and Gwildor (an annoying ginger midget, I am so nice I do not hate him)
I also have 4 main enemies, Skeletor, Best Man, Evil-Lynn, Weird puffy girly man and Blade (Ok, so thats 5, but the weird puffy girl man is rubbish)
A key exists that is so powerful it can give you gold armour and powers, it is a musical key, Gwildor is the only one who can work this key, as I am musically dislexic, (Dont get me started about how useless Teela and Man at Arms are)
Skeletor wants this key so he can have the gold armour and powers, trouble is, it has been zapped to America in 1987, damn.
Luckily it landed in the hands of a top keyboard/synth musician, he is a genius and is going out with the elderly lady from friends.
The principal from Back to the future is in it as a cop, he is bald and doesnt say "slacker" he mainly says, "whats going on?!" and "blimey!!!"
My friends and I come to 1987 to get the key, so does Skeletor and his band of jerks.
We all fight alot and the day is saved by the 80's keyboard wizard, hooray!
But not before Skeletor gets power and gold armour, I fight topless with Skeletor and kick him into a pit of mag-ma.
We think he is dead, but if you wait until the very end of the credits, he pops up and says he'll be back, but he wasnt.
I hope you enjoyed me.
He Man.

Rating: 3/5
By He Man

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No, see Follow that Bird starts out with Big Bird on Sesame Street and he gets put in a ftseor home across the country, because some a-hole thinks he'd be better off by living with other birds. The rest of the film is him trying to make it home. The Muppet Movie clearly establishes that Big Bird has yet to make it to Sesame Street before Kermit starts his theater act. The only reason I know all this is that I married a Muppets freak. Like seriously, she puts obsessive Star Wars and Harry Potter fans to shame.
Comment By: Cass, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 2/5

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