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Flash Gordon - (Film)

I am Peter Duncan Dares, I am here to speak with you about Flash Gordon.
Keen viewers out there may have spotted that I am in Flash Gordon, I get bitten by the log monster and die, that was my ultimate dare, and some would say best acting role (apart from all the grot films I did before blue peter)
I like Flash Gordon, it is full of danger and acting and blond people, and the man from "Fiddler on the Roof" is in it as Professor Hans Voltan, he IS funny, "I remember it all, I remember the Beatles, she loves you yea, yea ,yea!!!"
I also like that Flash Gordon himself is good and he is more than capable of kicking ass, but we don't really see this, just that he can play football (but lady gay American football, not good ones)
I like that the man that played Flash (Sam J. Jones) later became "The Highwayman" who drives a big truck and is like a lady gay Mad Max on T.V.
I like the Hawk-men, they are special and look like Brian Blessed, they fly, swoop and kill, all in the name of Flash and 007 (The one and only James Bond, Timothy Dalton is in it as Prince Barin)
007 is good, he is great at killing rubber lizard people who sound like farts.
This film is a very good one, it is far better than any of my dares, like when I drove a car into the sea, joined the circus and the non-transmitted & banned episode from 1986 in which I injected heroin into my cock and kissed my own arms passionately.
I didn't want this film to end, and at the end there is a glimmer of hope, instead of saying "The End" it says "The End?"
So there may be a sequel, and they may ask me back, I hope so.
Be good to each other, and look out for my many family adventures.

Rating: 5/5
By Peter Duncan Dares

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