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The Tripods - (TV)

Ozzymandius said there wouldn't be a TV series of the book "The Tripods" why would he lie?
Well, I'm not getting capped and that's that.
Henry agrees, he's here too, we met "Beanpole" or John Paul (as they sound alike)in France a few months ago, he is a complete nonce, but we have him with us in case any French people speak to us, so he can translate, though he seems to actually be English? When will the deceptions end?
Henry is a complete monkeys bollock, I only brought him with me because I felt sorry for him, as he is quite clearly a plumb.
I intend to sell him to the highest bum-hungry bidder when we reach Thailand.
He just tried to cop off with a load of French vineyard girls, they hated him as he stinks and always has wee-wee stains on his pantaloons.
We are heading to the White Mountains to find the "Freemen"
Once we have found them we will join up and fight the good fight against the Tripods, plus I heard they have all night orgies and dead kinky stuff.
Ozzymandius said he would meet us there, but I'm beginning to think he is just a lying prick.
I'm half thinking about giving myself up to the Tripods, five minutes with Henry and Beanpole is enough to make you want to end it all, what a pair of tits they are, they give me the right hump, I wish I'd never have listened to Ozzymandius, when I see him I'll shove a cap up his arse, no mistake.

Rating: 2/5
By Will Parker

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The characters were skechty in the books? When was the last time Alex read it? And what about the series? I don't think the series had skechty main protagonists. At all.Beanpole, a girl. Hey, I got used to Starbuck having a sex change in BSG. That was pretty amazing. But Starbuck really -was- a skechty character in the old series, however cool.But neither Beanpole, Will, nor Henry are that shallow. I'll live. I guess the female demographic wants a girl in it. Why not add a fourth character, that would've been less problematic. Alex. Dude. Beanpole is a guy. Repeat after me.Beanpole is a guy. A guy, dammit!
Comment By: Tangtang, 21 Dec 2012, Rating: 1/5

Come on lads, face facts. No one cares.
Ozymandias said they would, why would he lie?
Comment By: John Shackley, 22 Sep 2008, Rating: 5/5

Go into the light, Ceri
Comment By: Jim Baker, 21 Sep 2008, Rating: 5/5

I wish I could remember any of this. It sounds brilliant.
Comment By: Ceri Seel, 29 Jun 2008, Rating: 3/5

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