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Oooohoohoo! I had that happen with Cody and Max. I got caleld into the living room and was told by Cody, Try to find Max. Immediate a sense of dread came over me, I knew something was not going to be good about it. All of the sudden a cabinet in up the middle of a bookshelf burst open and Max screamed TA-DAH! I didn't utter ta-dah, but I screamed too. I spent the rest of the day screwing straps in to bracing the shelfs to the walls.
Comment By: Melissa, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 3/5

Thanks honey, yes its easy to use the same bag all the time but its nice to mix it up a bit. Adds interest to the same old wntier coats etc. Have a good weekend honey. axxx
Comment By: Bajrang, 16 Nov 2014, Rating: 0/5

I am in love with this bag! SO stylish and pricaactl! On the website, though, I was put off by the fact that it did not look able to fit an ipad so, I have a question. Would the pocket on the back fit an ipad? Also, did you have to pay extra for the long pocket inside? I can't find a picture of the B-Hobo that includes the long inside pocket on the website. Thank you so much for your help and Happy Belated Birthday!!
Comment By: Harsh, 21 Dec 2012, Rating: 2/5

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