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Lord of The Hoover Part I

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about D&D though didn't sound right, for isntance;-rolling a 1 only makes something bad happen for a Skill, by the book. This means if you roll a 1 while lockpicking you may break your pick in the lock making further attempts impossible. It does not apply to combat, if the DM wants to though, house rules are just part of the genre.-The real problem with skills in the 4th edition isn't that there aren't enough (though there are very few) it is that you cannot choose what you want. A Fighter will never be able to pick locks, and a Wizard will never learn Ride. Your Skills are a preset list that you are given and increase as you level without any input from the player.-4th edition takes a LOT of creative control away from the player and replaces it with flashy abilities that are near magical for EVERY class, I disapprove of a Fighter doing anything even close to magical.I agree that it was made to make it an easier pick up and play game, however as a long time D&Der the whole edition is one big dissapointment. 3 and 3.5 allowed the player to do ANYTHING they wanted in a world that THEY created, 4th just says No, you can't have free will. Here play with this shiny rock.
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