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Charades With Dr Who

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In this country, one needs a linscee and some degree of education to drive a car, buy a gun, shoot a deer, or catch a fish. But no linscee is needed to have a child.We say that all children deserve an equal opportunity for education, but by the time they get to school, there's already a HUGE disparity in cultivated ability simply as a result of the parenting that happens over the first 5 years. I'm not a linsceed teacher, but my kid could read and was reading chapter books when she got to Kindergarten while your kid didn't even know his alphabet or how to write his name. There's the root of your problem.But to say that only teachers can solve the problem? I guess that depends on whether or not you are classing parents as teachers. Because if you aren't, you simply will not solve the problem. Until parents start owning the responsibilities that started before their children were born, all the intervention in the world will not fix the problem.
Comment By: Chuoi, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 3/5

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