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Brokeback P.I.

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Tranlated How is that saying again ?shut up and take my money =D, I cant erspexs my feelings any more fitting to this game, of course we don't know how good it realy is but if it's only half as good as the videos and the screenshots show its still my top game of this (even if short XD) and the last year.I think its fantastic what you do with the dungeons and I always secretly wished for random generated dungeons that aren't useless and unimmaginitive as mincraft's dungeonsI still have a question and i would be happy if you could anwser it. You showed us that we can enchant swords with soulpieces. Will this effect the weapon itself to ? Like, if I enlarge my weapon does the hitrange increase aswell ?War mal so frei es ins mehr oder weniger korrekte englisch zu fcbersetzen das alles es lesen kf6nnen =DTranlated script
Comment By: Abby, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 4/5

HHIS I should have thguhot of that!
Comment By: Mavrick, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 0/5

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