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Dungeons and Dragons 2

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Crap, Rob. You don't have it???I would have thought that both you and Mark would have a copy, as you are the two main reewievrs for what is probably the most popular SFF website in the world.I could check with Anne for you, if you want.
Comment By: Louinise, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 3/5

here, play this guy, and I did. (Drug use by the other characters ornews had resulted in them being banned from the game just 2 weeks prior.) I was playing the ranger and we were fighting harpies all night long, finally we made it to the nest. We only had moments to search and I rolled a crit! I had no clue as to the significance of this, but by the other guy's excitement I figured it was something special. A crit! Of all the times to roll a crit! LUCKY! So on and soforth. I ended up getting a full suit of plate +5 ethereal armor. I was hooked. My brother twisted the rules so my ranger could wear it, and it remains my favorite character even though he maxed out at level 12 I believe.
Comment By: Roberto, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 1/5

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