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Dungeons and Dragons

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i don't understand the exenctmeit.i have had the 4th book in my home for 5 years and haven't touched it.why ?cause number 5 didn't even get published.believe it or no, after this long, i don't relay care about whether or not i read the sequels.i just don't care.although i guess i'l find the time to read them.eventually.this is what g.r.r.martin deserves.and i think others will react this way too.
Comment By: Yogi, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 4/5

My first character was a fhtegir my arch-nemesis helped me create. I was 7 years old. He guided me through character generation for a 1st level fighting man then told me, as my DM, he would be generous and give me a number of magic items (most wizard based) and a ton of gold to start off my adventuring career. Then he told me I had to fight his high level wizard and he killed me with his first spell then told me that now he gets all my stuff. Then he went off to PvP some other kid in class who had a character at the same level. I thought what a stupid game . But it still somehow grabbed a hold of me, the dice, the character sheet, the idea. Fortunately, an actual friend had an older brother who ran actual games and it really started there.
Comment By: Weerayut, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 2/5

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