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Conveyor Belt of Death

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Oh, man. Tabletopping was never my thing - I was spoiled reottn by an early online RPG-MUD that handled all the dice-rolling and stat-keeping for me. My first/only tabletop character was a thief-acrobat named Rhyselle. She was created to fill a place in an ongoing game that had lost a couple of players and needed refreshing - the DM was a friend and talked me into it. Rhyselle was rescued from a cage in troll's cave and the females in the party immediately took to her and decided to clean the little ragamuffin up. The guys were unanimously skeptical and distrustful of her, all except the one elf, who found her distasteful (she was a half-elf) - oi, memories!
Comment By: Mixalis, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 5/5

ofK899 Im thankful for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.
Comment By: take a look at it!, 25 Oct 2013, Rating: 4/5

While some parties can eslaiy manage without a designated leader, it is absolutely essential with others.I typically set up my quests to contain way more enemy encounters than the players can handle, with the expectation that the players will come up with clever ways to bypass most of them. The vast majority of the players prefer to outwit their opponents, or find a smart way to take them out without putting themselves at risk.However, about midway through the campaign, the party gained a couple of fighters who were very combat-oriented types. Whenever the party would start discussing strategy, and trying to figure out if an encounter could be avoided, these two would invariably get bored and charge into battle, ignoring everyone else's input, and putting their less hp-endowed companions at risk.I tried a couple of solutions to the problem, and even confronted the worst offender on the matter, but the same thing just kept on happening time after time.In my new campaign, I've designated a trusted veteran player as the leader. I know him well enough that he will listen to everyone else's solutions, and only use his power to decide disputes.More importantly, though, in this particular
Comment By: Muhammad, 05 May 2012, Rating: 4/5

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