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The Debenhams Fox    Banana    Rock and Roll Steam Train    Tongue in Chin    Cold Turkey    The Taxi Driver    I Love Chicken    Jim Henson and The Hendersons    Thor    Stathamator    Ah, Hell...    John Barrowman    Buck    Claude Bottom    Q    Cyril Sneer    Teddy Rukspin    Bi-Polar    Mist    Kgb'gees    Noah's Arse    Bgt    Warm Ice-Cubes    Frank Coffman, Goblin Killer    George Hamiltons' Dracula    Bay of Pigs    Bay of Pigs    Groan    Impossipuzzle    Snooker    

The Debenhams Fox noun
A kind of fox that lives exclusively in the haberdasheries section of any branch of Debenhams. It has only one goal in life, to justify it's existence by finding a limited run of green knitted cardigan that Debenhams ran in their 1984 summer / autumn season which has a velcro fastener rather than a button or zipped one.
Nobody is sure how the Debenhams Fox came into existence, however it's widely believed that it simply needed to exist, therefore did.
It's true agenda will only be known when it finds the object it desires.
Calculations predict that this date may be the 17th to 19th of October 1984; next time round.
This leads us to the question; 'Can the Debenhams Fox transcend the boundries of space and time to exist, before it actually existed'.
For the answer, please visit the haberdasheries section of your nearest Debenhams and look beneath the shelves. Make the gift of a cinnamon candle to the fox. You will be granted two questions. Choose them wisely, as the the Debenhams Fox is known for its sarcastic answers and is often why people leave Debenhams looking lost and confused.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 30/12/2010

Banana noun
Often mistaken as a nose by Q. A mistake that lead to a five year prison sentence for cannibalism. However he only served eight minutes after substituting himself for John Cleese who was just happy to get a serious role; one that he\'d perfected in Clockwise.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 30/12/2010

Rock and Roll Steam Train adjective
Firstly coined by Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, 'Under Seige'; the Rock and Roll Steam Train is without any doubt the ultimate opening gambit for a terrorist planning to comendere a
retired battleship. By covertly strutting round said battleship in the guise of an over the hill peace luvin' and bandanna headed rocker and at the right time transforming your foreward motion to mimic that of a steam train, as a terrorist you could effectivly distract the crew from Gary Buseys' over rehearsed transvestite act and fool them into thinking they are about to receive the Rock and Roll performance of their lives, despite not recognising the act. As a terrorist, this should give you enough time to take control of the ship before anyone works out what's going on.
For a more convincing performance Mr. Lee Jones also adopted the chugging sound of a steam train, a pair of fingerless leather gloves, several rhinestones for his jacket and a pair of drumsticks for his back pocket.
In the Rolling Stone magazines', best dance moves of all time edition, they were quoted as saying, "The Rock and Roll Steam Train is full of vim"
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 31/03/2010

Tongue in Chin adjective
Similar to "Tongue In Cheek" but used exclusively by Gordon Brown!
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 22/02/2010

Cold Turkey noun
A poultry treat for all ex heroin addicts on Boxing Day!
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 18/11/2009

The Taxi Driver adjective
A film starring Robert De Niro & Jodie Foster, not to be confused with Noel Edmonds, who as far as we know, has never actually picked up a fare!
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 12/11/2009

I Love Chicken adjective
What people who love to eat chicken often say. (Not to be confused with shagging chickens)

When used in conversation in the show 'Chicken Days'

Ralph, "I love chicken"
Mr. C, (sarcastic) "You don't say"
Audience, Whoops and applause
Enter the Fonz through kitchen door
The Fonz, "Heyyy"
Audience, go wild
The Fonz, (opening fridge) "Any chicken Mr. C ?"
Laughter, Canned
Mr. Miagi, "This chickens rubbery"
Audience, Silence and accusing communist looks
The Show; shortly axed afterwardsc for uncannily sililar to Happy Days.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 01/10/2009

Jim Henson and The Hendersons noun
1987 film in which a hunter runs down a wild Jim Henson and relearns how to love and not shoot wild Puppeteers.
Submitted by Ted, 10/08/2009

Thor adjective
Exclamation used by a Prostitute with a lisp to describe how she feels after a busy day!
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 29/07/2009

Stathamator adjective
Jason Statham, shirtless, covered in oil, handing ass out like raffle tickets at a church fete to anyone that fucks him off.
Submitted by Ted, 27/07/2009

Ah, Hell... verb
Noise of exasperation uttered by Nick Nolte. Best sign that he is put out/annoyed.
Submitted by Ted, 27/07/2009

John Barrowman noun
Is a painfully shy & obviously very humble Actor/Singer/ TV Show Host, is soon to disappear up his own arse.
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 27/07/2009

Buck adjective
"His name is Buck, and he is here for luck."

Taken from the childrens book of Kill Bill, Smack Bill.
Submitted by Ted, 17/07/2009

Claude Bottom noun
He was a failed Lion Tamer
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 14/07/2009

Q adjective
One hell of a field operative, except when plowing a mini into a tree.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

Cyril Sneer adjective
Elderly penis-faced dictator or the Evergreen Forest.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

Teddy Rukspin adjective
Magic bear who, once you insert a self-pre-recorded tape into his chest, talks dirty to you in your voice.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

Bi-Polar adjective
Artic Bear who likes men and lady bears.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

Mist noun
'A Mist': Miscellaneous creature found lurking in fog. Very dangerous. Its recognisable high pitched 'yumumyumyum' usually precedes inevitable carnage. See also Tremors.
Submitted by Dermot, 12/07/2009

Kgb'gees noun
Official Russian disco outfit.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

Noah's Arse noun
Bible themed porno
Submitted by Dermot, 10/07/2009

Bgt noun
(abbr) abbreviated name of a hugely popular independant television programme which claim that the people of this fair isle have talent; when in fact the very people who they make this claim about rarely show any kind of skills other than mimicary, singing someone elses songs and the need to be judged by a panel of meglomaniacs who all suffer from exaggerated jaw syndrome.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 30/05/2009

Warm Ice-Cubes adjective
Water. . .
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 24/04/2009

Frank Coffman, Goblin Killer noun
The worlds foremost slayer of Goblins.
Submitted by Awful Harvey, 20/03/2009

George Hamiltons' Dracula noun
The benchmark that all (good) movie vampires are set by.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 10/03/2009

Bay of Pigs adjective
Another name for Blackpool Beach
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 20/02/2009

Bay of Pigs adjective
A herbal tea, according to the M.T.V.I.A.

Sorry, no old C.I.A., new C.I.A. Jokes.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 17/02/2009

Groan adjective
The noise heard by the rest of the country as BMW drivers start talking
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 09/02/2009

Impossipuzzle noun
The Impossipuzzle is a puzzle so complex it is said to be impossible. It comes in many shapes and forms, the most common looks like an invisible rubix cube. Two people recently observed a strange man attempting to solve this impossicube. His hands were empty yet he still held this most invisible of puzzles, twisting and turning it until his face said that he was close to the solution but never would. He then released the impossipuzzle without a care as to where it would land. I believe the streets of this fair kingdom are littered with unsolved and unsolvable impossipuzzles; so watch your step, especially if your going barefoot. If you are planning to discard an impossipuzzle please put it in a bin or take it to your local impossipuzzle recycling centre where you can swap it for another impossipuzzle or claim a cash money reward of a pound.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 31/01/2009

Snooker noun
Simple man who at one time lived in the Forrest of Sherwood and was friends with Maid Marion and her merry men, though not Robin, he was a prick.
Submitted by Miley Dover, 18/01/2009

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