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Yoddie verb
When a person insists they have just spotted Bill Oddie in a town or city centre they are said to have pulled a, 'yoddie'.
When informed that someone has pulled a yoddie the lack of interest that follows will always cause the 'yoddite'; (one who pulls a yoddie) to either pursue Bill Oddie to confirm the spotting or if they can't be bothered, back down and say it was his twin.
When used in conversation ~
person a, "I've just seen Bill Oddie"
person b, "You don't say"
person a, "Well if it wasn't him it was his spit"
To avoid having a yoddie pulled on you, you can either ~
a, simply walk away shaking your head
b, agree with the yoddite, thus making you one
c, start crying and fake a nervous breakdown
d, hunt down and kill all yoddites', including the prime yoddite who insists he has spotted Bill Oddie in the mirror every morning.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 27/07/2008

Yonkodoodle adjective
Medical condition in which a full grown one grows on yours.
Submitted by Ted, 10/07/2006

Your Nuts in a VIce noun
Undesirable outcome.
Submitted by Dermot, 23/03/2006

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