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Sarcasm adjective
Lowest form of wit
Submitted by Ted, 26/04/2006

Schumwayaway adjective
The final words uttered by Gordon Schumway as he left Earth for Melmak.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 19/09/2008

Scott Howard noun
Teenager known to also be a woof.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Scrunch adjective
Scrunch is everything on the internet
Submitted by Ted, 03/08/2006

Sevenoaks noun
Is in Kent?
Submitted by Nicola, 25/06/2008

Simon Canton noun
The man who came up with and built the Argonautica; a veritable floating palace which embarked on its maiden voyage with many wealthy passengers only to be attacked by a deep rising.
What a douche bag.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Sister Sledge adjective
A nun that likes to toboggan
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 07/09/2008

Smug adjective
Possibly a word to use when describing Chris Martin, Cliff Richard, Nicky Campbell or Noel Edmonds
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 08/09/2008

Snaffle verb
To sneakily steal small insignificant objects or small sums of money from the coffee machine at work.
Q-"Has anyone seen my paperclips and two pence pieces"
A-"No, some twat must have snaffled them"
If you are the victim of a snaffle; (snafflee), you could always counter attack with a revenge snaffle on the snaffler.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 27/08/2008

Snooker noun
Simple man who at one time lived in the Forrest of Sherwood and was friends with Maid Marion and her merry men, though not Robin, he was a prick.
Submitted by Miley Dover, 18/01/2009

Stathamator adjective
Jason Statham, shirtless, covered in oil, handing ass out like raffle tickets at a church fete to anyone that fucks him off.
Submitted by Ted, 27/07/2009

Stoopit noun
According to Benny Hill, this is how the chinese say 'Stupid'
Also see 'Iriot' and 'Pirrock'
Submitted by Ted, 10/07/2006

Supertramp noun
Timmy Thomas was 18 when he left 'Shockers' night club in Chernobyl, on the way home he was bitten by a radio-active hobo.
The next morning he awoke with super powers such as being able to talk dog, sleep in doorways, wee in public and fashion fingerless gloves all at the speed of a bullet.
Look in the gutter, is it a turd? is it a drain? no, it's supertramp!
Submitted by Ted, 05/05/2006

Swingball noun
Annoying outdoor fun for one or more players. Watch your loved ones get repeatedly beaten about the head by a ball on a string on a stick, or you can even take part yourself.
Submitted by Dermot, 23/04/2006

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