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Rauno noun
A term coined by a Mr Benjamin Pratt, refering to material of a prurient nature. It is considered to be an excellent descriptor but badly in need of popularization.

Rave Cat noun
mashed up feline on major acid trip that can do crazy break dance dance yeah
Submitted by James, 22/08/2006

Rawhead Rex noun
so scary, shh, don't even say his name, oops, too late I've wet them.
Mulleted-roaring-bastard who pisses on priests and has no care for caravans, or for that matter, the Irish.
Submitted by ted, 27/03/2006

Ray Tango noun
Maverick cop who reads the Wall Street Journal and thinks that Rambo is a pussy. Also a prize winning cock end.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Restrant noun
When in London, visit Gordon Ramsey's rustic, local, healthy Restrant and show him your bollocks big boy. Fat head.
Submitted by Ted Harrison, 18/09/2008

Involuntary (but universal) reaction to exposure to June Sarpong.
Submitted by Dermot, 16/05/2006

Reverse Anal Pickpocket adjective
an act carried out by sexual deviants involving insertion into the back hole
Submitted by James, 22/08/2006

Rhyming Slang
Adopted by cockneys to fool police, Ryhming Slang is a cunning way to disguise your conversations and is 100% fool proof and in no way crap.

'Im just going down the old frog and toad (road) for a fint of kilk (pint of milk) and a lopy cough pookays faily peledarf (and a copy of todays daily telegraph)'
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Roar noun
Noise that Sharks seeking revenge make when being electrocuted by a light bulb.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Robin Hayter noun
Accomplished 20th century actor. Best known for his barn-storming performance as "Fritz" in BBC's The Tripods. More recently famous for appearing at Tripod reunions in a pub.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Robin Murgal noun
Best ever friend with Martin Reegs, who is a lethal weapon. Too old for most shit and always retiring. Crazy son-of-a-bitch.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Robocop noun
Who is he? What is he? Where does he come from?
Submitted by Arthur Pint, 31/10/2008

Rock and Roll Steam Train adjective
Firstly coined by Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, 'Under Seige'; the Rock and Roll Steam Train is without any doubt the ultimate opening gambit for a terrorist planning to comendere a
retired battleship. By covertly strutting round said battleship in the guise of an over the hill peace luvin' and bandanna headed rocker and at the right time transforming your foreward motion to mimic that of a steam train, as a terrorist you could effectivly distract the crew from Gary Buseys' over rehearsed transvestite act and fool them into thinking they are about to receive the Rock and Roll performance of their lives, despite not recognising the act. As a terrorist, this should give you enough time to take control of the ship before anyone works out what's going on.
For a more convincing performance Mr. Lee Jones also adopted the chugging sound of a steam train, a pair of fingerless leather gloves, several rhinestones for his jacket and a pair of drumsticks for his back pocket.
In the Rolling Stone magazines', best dance moves of all time edition, they were quoted as saying, "The Rock and Roll Steam Train is full of vim"
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 31/03/2010

Rock God adjective
To be used only in conjunction with John Parr
See also John Parr and Rock your Socks off
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 11/08/2008

Rock Your Socks Off verb
The effect of sitting front and centre at a John Parr concert.
When used in conversation ~
person a ~ Did you you see the John Parr gig on Friday
person b ~ Yeah, he rocked my fuckin' socks off
person a ~ You must have been sitting front and centre
There is no scientific explanation for this !!
See also John Parr and Rock God
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 11/08/2008

Roger-Mooretis adjective
Serious condition that renders all sufferers with only the ability to raise their eyebrows and murmur
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Royce's Rollers plural noun
Expensive fast car, comes in various colours. idiot Sheriffs are surprised when they see more than one.
Submitted by Dermot, 29/03/2006

Rumplling adjective
To run ones hands along the rim of it
Submitted by Ted, 10/07/2006

Rumpo verb
To do it with a lady or a man, if you want.
Submitted by Ted, 11/07/2006

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