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P.s I Love You
Beatles song from early 1960's written by Paul McCartney declaring his love for Peter Sutcliffe the soon to be Yorkshire ripper.
Submitted by Ted, 24/03/2006

Paddy Mcguinness verb
To start a sentence and then put far too much emphisis on the last few words, and then repeat it.

"I think I will go to Greggs, LOOK AT THAT!Greggs."


"I am only famous until Peter Kay says I should, HOW'S ABOUT THAT! Peter Kay."


"I am the biggest prick on tele, WITHOUT A DOUBT! tele."
Submitted by Howard T Duck, 18/09/2008

Paul Newman noun
Makes his own salad dressing(dirty bugger)
Submitted by Ted, 29/03/2006

Paxman Shift adjective
Paxman Shift, or Concocococonaitus, is a rare condition that affects 1 in 5 adult males. The first sufferer in recorded medical history was Jeremy Paxman.
Symptoms include changing gear in a rapid fashion, causing the engine to mildly roar.
Submitted by Henry Hoover, 13/09/2008

Piledriver adjective
Bot berry botherer.
Submitted by Ted, 29/03/2006

Ping Pong verb
To "Ping" smelly pooh pooh around a room using an elastic band
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 25/09/2008

Pirrock adjective
According to Benny Hill, this is how the chinese say 'Pillock'
Also see 'Iriot'
Submitted by Ted, 06/04/2006

Poker adjective
If you are an alcoholic or insomniac, why not try watching Late Night Celebrity Poker on Bravo? It is lots of fun, you can see how Jack from the BBC comedy Bread is getting on, or how some of the London's Burning cast have fared. Chances are you will quickly realise they are pretty much doing as well as you.
Why not bask in the fact that 'Sick-note' from London's Burning probably earns less than you, and probably drinks more and sleeps less.
But let us not get distracted from the point: Poker is a game that was invented by Cowboys in the old west (probably) to win money on boats owned by James Coburn, but just like my ol' Pappy used to say, it's actually fun to play.
If you have played Poker you will soon start to want to sell things to keep playing, like my wife, for instance, sold me to a bum hungry German business man just so she could carry on gambling (that would be a good film).
Poker, like anything in life, is fun, if you don't go mad and get obsessed, but then again, if you are an alcoholic, it's a bit late isn't it?
Submitted by Ted, 30/03/2006

Pop Tarts plural noun
Risky breakfast option. If it didn't set fire to your mouth, it's probably because it already set fire to your toaster, and you were too distracted to try and eat it.
Submitted by Dermot, 10/05/2006

Popeye noun
A male sailor who is able to gain super powers by ingesting Spinach.
Is said to live in a caravan.
Submitted by Ted, 29/03/2006

Popularization verb
to establish a given word in the vernacular by means of extensive repetition.

Porpoise noun
Dolphin with intent.

Propability noun
How Craig David (from the well known TV show (Bo' Selecta) descibes anyone called William's dinner.
Submitted by saul (sorry), 05/06/2006

Prostitute noun
Give them money and they'll let you do all sorts of things, I haven't met one though.
Submitted by Paul, 23/03/2006

Pussy Magnet noun
A magnet tuned to a specific frequency which can attract cats.
Use with caution and don't take to the zoo
Submitted by Lego Indiana Jones, 06/09/2008

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