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Nappies plural noun
Robert De Niro and those other fellas from 'Awakenings'
Submitted by Ted, 24/03/2006

Nipple Badminton noun
Nipple based shuttle cock game, highly popular in Finland.
Submitted by Ted, 05/04/2006

Nipple Netball noun
Further Nipple related game, popular in Nebraska.
Submitted by Ted, 26/04/2006

Noah's Arse noun
Bible themed porno
Submitted by Dermot, 10/07/2009

Noodle Pervert noun
Someone who wants to do it or look at someone doing it with some noodles.
Submitted by Yoddole, 21/08/2008

Nookie verb
To do it with a lady or a man, also a kind of rare bear.
Submitted by Ted, 11/07/2006

Nookie Bear (The) noun
A type of rare bear that lives exclusively with Roger DeCourcey
Submitted by Ted, 03/08/2006

Notting Hill Carnival adjective
Annual event in London to celebrate stabbing and mugging.
Submitted by Ted, 27/06/2006

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