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Jack Colton noun
Bum-hungry jungle hustler whom, due to a mix up becomes an unwitting hero, not once, but twice (note: second time was shite)
Known to become bored easily once he has everything he wants.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Jaws The Revenge adjective
Amazing sequel about a shark possessed with sentient thought and will, chasing a woman half way across the earth because her husband blew up 2 other sharks, but not the third one, that was the man in Casualty, well, his grenade.
Micheal Caine makes an appearance as 'Hoagie' the nice pilot who obviously drinks too much and killed all his other wives.
By way of an ending the shark blows itself up, probably after using its new found thinking powers to read the script over again and think.
Submitted by Ted, 27/03/2006

Jim Baker noun
Accomplished 20th century actor. Best known for his barn-storming performance as "Henry" in BBC's The Tripods. More recently famous as the man who drives a bus/long distance lorry.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Jim Davidson adjective
1970's Racist comedian who is now considered main stream and appropriate for tea times as he has stopped doing his hilarious character 'Chalky'
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Jim Henson and The Hendersons noun
1987 film in which a hunter runs down a wild Jim Henson and relearns how to love and not shoot wild Puppeteers.
Submitted by Ted, 10/08/2009

Joan Wilder noun
Romantic Novellist who writes sexy books and is popular in South America. Not to be confused with Gene Wilder, who is too busy shouting or hiding under vans to write sexy books. (Note: the van drives off).
Submitted by Dermot, 21/09/2008

John Barrowman noun
Is a painfully shy & obviously very humble Actor/Singer/ TV Show Host, is soon to disappear up his own arse.
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 27/07/2009

John Matrix noun
The hardest man in the world. He can rip out car seats, eat green berets for breakfast and make Bennett (Not Lenny) let off some steam.
Caution, if he tells you he will kill you last, he is probably lying.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

John Parr noun
A rock god of the highest caliber
See also Rock God and Rock your socks off
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 11/08/2008

John Shackley noun
Accomplished 20th century actor. Best known for his barn-storming performance as "Will" in BBC's The Tripods. More recently famous as the man who works for a hotel chain in South America. Known to not trust anyone called Ozymandias, saying, "They are lying pricks."
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Johnny Cash other
The change received from a condom machine
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 08/09/2008

Erotic word
Submitted by Roger Moore, 23/03/2006

Julie Hamilton noun
Played "Hooded Woman" in Rawhead Rex.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Julius Benedict noun
Highly intelligent, physically very strong and spiritually pure. He learned to speak twelve languages, and excelled in mathematics, history, science and literature. He was not told about his younger brother until his 36th birthday.
He tracks his brother down. It turns out his brother is a dirty little midget, he kills him.
In the end, both brothers end up having pairs of twins with their respective wives.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

June Sarpong noun
Whiney voiced, massive mouthed purveyor of zero talent, lives in T4 and is a fucking twatty idiot.
Submitted by Ted, 16/05/2006

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