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I Love Chicken adjective
What people who love to eat chicken often say. (Not to be confused with shagging chickens)

When used in conversation in the show 'Chicken Days'

Ralph, "I love chicken"
Mr. C, (sarcastic) "You don't say"
Audience, Whoops and applause
Enter the Fonz through kitchen door
The Fonz, "Heyyy"
Audience, go wild
The Fonz, (opening fridge) "Any chicken Mr. C ?"
Laughter, Canned
Mr. Miagi, "This chickens rubbery"
Audience, Silence and accusing communist looks
The Show; shortly axed afterwardsc for uncannily sililar to Happy Days.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 01/10/2009

I Was Like other
Proof you are a prize cockround.

"He was like ahh, and I WAS LIKE ooooh."
Submitted by Pop Jenkins, 02/07/2008

Igloo noun
Eskimo's house.
(See Eskimo)
Ig's toilet.
Submitted by paul K, 23/03/2006

Ike & Tina Turner verb
And so can you!
Submitted by Jambo, 17/09/2008

Impossipuzzle noun
The Impossipuzzle is a puzzle so complex it is said to be impossible. It comes in many shapes and forms, the most common looks like an invisible rubix cube. Two people recently observed a strange man attempting to solve this impossicube. His hands were empty yet he still held this most invisible of puzzles, twisting and turning it until his face said that he was close to the solution but never would. He then released the impossipuzzle without a care as to where it would land. I believe the streets of this fair kingdom are littered with unsolved and unsolvable impossipuzzles; so watch your step, especially if your going barefoot. If you are planning to discard an impossipuzzle please put it in a bin or take it to your local impossipuzzle recycling centre where you can swap it for another impossipuzzle or claim a cash money reward of a pound.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 31/01/2009

Inventor noun
What Beanpole (Ceri Seel) calls himself in the Tripods. Stupid prick.
Submitted by Dermot, 21/09/2008

Iriot adjective
According to Benny Hill, this is how the chinese say 'Idiot'
Also see 'Pirrock'
Submitted by Ted, 06/04/2006

Ironic other
It's like a coincidence. Like when you have a knife when you need a spoon or when it rains when you are giving your wife one.
Submitted by Helicopter Phillips, 02/07/2008

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