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Hair noun
head, legs, arms, arse or above unmentionables, hair is a real boon for humans and animals alike, well done god.
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Half-Dad adjective
used to describe a rewarding relationship with someone close, e.g. that cat is my half-dad.
Submitted by James, 18/08/2006

Hanky Panky noun
This happens when a man shouts so much he goes purple, and another man burps himself to death. The first man might get under a van and it drives off.
Submitted by Dermot, 27/03/2006

Harold Faltermeyer noun
One trick pony.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Hatstand adjective
Give this order to your Bowler, Deerstalker or Trilby and you'll be surprised by the results. Particularly when in esteemed company, they tend to think you're not right and send you to a home for people who try and make hats stand and dogs wear their wife's new party dress.
Submitted by Ted, 05/04/2006

Heinrich Von Schellendorf noun
Man who played Rawhead Rex, terrifying cross-eyed bastard he is.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Hip Hop adjective
When you have just had your hip replaced but are in a hurry.
Submitted by TED, 06/04/2006

Hoagie Newcombe noun
Maverick Barbados charter plane pilot. A unique man among men, he is able to crash a plane into the sea and get out of the water dry. Known to crave women who are being pursued by evil fish.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Holy Shit noun
Priest Poo
Submitted by Ted, 07/04/2006

Holy Smoke adjective
Church fire
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Hoopledungrid adjective
To stop at traffic lights and waggle it
Submitted by Ted, 06/07/2006

Horlicks noun
She does, but it costs extra.
Submitted by Dermot, 10/05/2006

Howard Hallenbeck noun
Faced Rawhead Rex and lived. Also known to dislike vicars who get wee'd on.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

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