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Gabriel Cash noun
Maverick cop who has a gun in his boot and lots of gadgets, really wants to be Martin Reegs.
Submitted by Tedq, 22/09/2008

Exclamation of shock or surprise.
Submitted by Capt. Pig BSc (hons), 01/04/2006

Genesis plural noun
Band featuring Phil Collins and the other two, lets just leave it at that for now.
Submitted by Paul, 23/03/2006

George Hamiltons' Dracula noun
The benchmark that all (good) movie vampires are set by.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 10/03/2009

George Pavlou noun
Genius Auteur director responsible for Rawhead Rex, declared by Barry Norman in Film '86 as, "A shit your pant fest."
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Giles noun
Briddish Ripper who looks after Buffet and her friends. Known to remove glasses when ever he spouts gibberish.
Submitted by Ted, 24/09/2008

Globule noun
Self contained liquid.
Submitted by Dermot, 05/12/2007

Gmac noun
Place of work that is shite.
Submitted by Ted, 30/03/2006

Gobbling Off verb
Turkey Farmer finshes work for the day.
Submitted by Poopert, 23/03/2006

God adjective
Jesus's dad.
Submitted by C.S Lewis, 22/03/2006

Golden-Shower adjective
Gravatational water flow inducing Jaundice in humanoids with bad habits
Submitted by James, 19/08/2006

Golf verb
Submitted by Dandy, 23/03/2006

Groan adjective
The noise heard by the rest of the country as BMW drivers start talking
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 09/02/2009

Gulf noun
Petrol station and war, coincidentally I've been in both and lost a leg each in the other.
Submitted by Ted, 23/03/2006

Gun noun
'Gun, ' noun.
Portable firearm
This device was widely utilized
in the urban wars of the late 20th century
Referred to as a 'pistol. 'Submitted by ted, 04/05/2006

Guns plural noun
What I call my arms
Submitted by Dermot, 04/05/2006

Gurrier adjective
A baaaaaaad man!
Submitted by This is Posh....?, 21/10/2008

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