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Fearne Cotton    Feeling Tired    Finnegan's Tired Exclamation    Fish Tennis    Flange Pipe    Foreign    Frank Coffman, Goblin Killer    Freemen    Fumbling For Jelly    

Fearne Cotton adjective
White version of June Sarpong
Submitted by James, 22/08/2006

Feeling Tired verb
This can easily be achieved by not sleeping for a while, or by sleeping too much.
If you have not experienced this, do not worry, as Mike Feather of the Stanley Institute in Kent is keen to hear from you, he is currently running a 'Being Tired' programme and will be accepting volunteers, only non tired people need apply.
Submitted by Yollop, 22/03/2006

Finnegan's Tired Exclamation noun
Deep Rising : The survivors are able to take a moment to relax on the only nearby island they saw during the night on the liner. They find out that one other survivor made it to shore, Joey. However it appears that this break will be short lived when a roar echoes across the island and something comes out of the nearby forest. The film ends on a shot of the island, and on Finnegan's tired exclamation: "Now what?"
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Fish Tennis adjective
When these two words are uttered you can instantly tell they are coming from a malfunctioning robot
Submitted by Ted, 24/03/2006

Flange Pipe adjective
pleasure pipe for meat injection
Submitted by jonny dingle, 12/11/2006

Foreign adjective
Descriptive of anywhere outside of good old Blighty; where the people all talk gibberish and are usually nasty.
n/b- they may also be talking gobbledygook.
Oh no it's too late, there all over the country confining good old Blighty to my shed; the shed that I never built and now poor old Blighty has nowhere to hide and tearfully wanders from town to town looking for a young Eric Sykes to dwell in until one day it's found under a cobblestone bridge swearing at passers by in French drinking Chivers apricot whisky and singing the 2008 eurovision entry by Sebastian Tellier.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 01/12/2008

Frank Coffman, Goblin Killer noun
The worlds foremost slayer of Goblins.
Submitted by Awful Harvey, 20/03/2009

Freemen noun
Resistance fighters against The Tripods. Known to be about as effective as a midget basketball player. Fuckwits, one and all, they prove it by sending Will (John Shackley) Beanpole (The ghost of Ceri Seel) and Fritz (Robin Hayter) incognito to bring down the Tripods. The only bit of sense they showed was by making Henry (Jim Baker) stay and be fluffer for their first porno "Freemen make White Mountains".
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Fumbling For Jelly verb
Ancient Sommerset practice.
May be sexual.
Submitted by India, 23/03/2006

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