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Data noun
Advanced futuristic Android who is able to gain large amounts of weight as the series progresses.
Submitted by Ted, 24/09/2008

Decking The Halls verb
An annual tradition come christmas time, going to see Tony Hall and his family and punching them.
Submitted by Pooping, 22/03/2006

Detective Inspector Isaac Gissing noun
Irish policeman who at first does not believe Howard Hallenbeck about the existance of Rawhead Rex. Then, as irony would have it, not only believes the existance, but also becomes a servant of Rex and blows everyone up with a Ford Cortina. Prick.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Detective John Kimble noun
Taciturn, stubborn, autocratic, violent. Perfect man to go undercover in a school for tiny children. Despite having no teaching experience — and thus initially collapsing beneath the stress—Kimble soon adapts progressively to his new status. Using his tame ferret as a class pet, his police training as a model for structure of the classes, and positive reinforcement, he becomes a much-admired and cherished figure to the children despite the aggravation they bring him. In turn, Kimble begins to love his cover job and his young chargesIn the end, Kimble quits the police force to return to the Astoria school and form a new family. Sadly, they all die of AIDS.
Submitted by Ted, 22/09/2008

Detective Larkin noun
Irish policeman who is perfectly prepared to believe Howard Hallenbeck's frankly ludicrous story about Rawhead Rex eating his son. Prick.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Dick Van Dyke noun
Dancing chimney sweep of Australian origin who also solves murders and sings like a cock(ney)
Submitted by Ted, 28/03/2006

Dillion adjective
Descriptive word for a 'Son Of A Bitch'.
Also see 'Dutch'
Submitted by Mr Ic van Dyke, 29/03/2006

Dolphin noun
Gay shark
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 13/09/2008

Dr. Dolittle noun
Qualified Doctor who when caught by his wife in bed with a donkey, monkey, dog, pig and goose, claimed he could walk with the animals, talk with the animals,Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals. He was arrested the following day when a half dead sexed out monkey was found in his bin.
Submitted by Ted, 01/10/2008

Dutch adjective
Descriptive word for a 'Son Of A Bitch'.
Also see 'Dillion'
Submitted by Mr Ic van Dyke, 29/03/2006

Dynamite noun
When you think something is good, e.g, "Hey, dynamite bum-cheeks Ted!" or "Hey, I wouldn't mind touching your Dynamite bare waist Ted." or "Hey Ted, I know we are both men, but we could have some Dynamite love." or, finally, "Hey Ted, that was a Dynamite punch to my face."
Submitted by Henry Higgins, 10/08/2008

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