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Cage Wig adjective
A ill fitting or badly shaped wig, usually on top of someone with a lot of money who should be spending more on this.

I don't know, like Nicholas Cage.
Submitted by Dolbert Goss, 15/09/2008

Cageaument verb
A scientific measurement which occurs during a Nicholas Cage film measured from the moment the film starts to the moment when he flips out. It is also how Nostradamus used to make his predictions ~ (nc1+nc2=ncx/qbert=freakout)
caution this theorum should not be tackled by casio calculators, only sharp; I cannot stress that enough; sharp.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 02/07/2008

Caged Rage verb
When I am so angry but have to remain calm for the sake of my wife, the bitching c*nt witch.
Submitted by Ted, 21/06/2006

Cajun Fingers verb
The action of dipping ones fingers in Cajun seasoning before picking your nose and eating the tasty reward.
When used in conversation-
Ava- "This fish tastes funny !"
Adolf- "And"
Ava- "Does it have some kind of seasoning on it ?"
Adolf- "And"
Ava- "And what ?"
Adolf- "And"
Ava- "Who's that at the door ?"
Winston- "Hello, I've fetched a dish of Cajun Fingers"
Adolf- "And"
Winston- "And that's all"
Ava- "Mmmm"
Adolf- "Mmmm"
Winston- "Mmmm"
The Fonz- "Heyy"
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 01/01/2009

Calling An Ambulance verb
When someone you know is in need of hospital treatment in an emergency, this is the best course of action.
Be warned, this must only be attempted in an emergency.
Submitted by Frank, 22/03/2006

Calvin Bouchard noun
Idiot who decides to put everyones life at risk by not closing his theme park when there is a 3D shark on the loose.
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Captain Chicken noun
Legendary explorer who discovered the chicken and brought it back to England in 1312. Was known to be the first man to say," Ain't you got no reggae?" to a D.J.
When cooking a feast for his men he fell into the giant pot. Not wanting to waste good meat, his men ate him and used his hair to dress their action men.
Submitted by Ted, 25/09/2008

Catornaphy adjective
The skill of un-intentionally striking a cat with an unwanted object making it yowl. Usualy adopted by comedy film characters as they launch something like an unwanted door knob off screen or perhaps a house falling down in the distance.
Submitted by lego indiana jones, 09/07/2008

Ceri Seel noun
Accomplished 20th century actor. Best known for his barn-storming performance as "Beanpole" in BBC's The Tripods. Sadly, now walking the Earth in limbo in Ghost form. Known to haunt Hobo Bonobo on a regular basis, hence our offices will often be closed, "Due to Ghost".
Submitted by Ted, 21/09/2008

Christ's Work adjective
When you are conducting tasks of the highest importance.
Submitted by Ted, 06/04/2006

Claude Bottom noun
He was a failed Lion Tamer
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 14/07/2009

Cold Turkey noun
A poultry treat for all ex heroin addicts on Boxing Day!
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 18/11/2009

Cool Beans adjective
To acknowledge something is good, and by using this phrase, you acknowledge that you are a complete Penis.
Submitted by Ted, 07/04/2006

Cosmic Juggles other
Kawnax "Cosmic Juggles" Xizzle is an Alien childrens party entertainer. Famous for his bad temper and white gloves.

He specialises in probing the childrens parents and pulling rabbits out of their rectums (Recti?)
"Welly Boot" is his sexy assistant, though she is bearded.
Submitted by Ted, 06/09/2008

Cosy Nostra noun
The Homo-Sexual Mafia
Submitted by Ted, 26/04/2006

Cyril Sneer adjective
Elderly penis-faced dictator or the Evergreen Forest.
Submitted by Ted, 12/07/2009

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