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Adam Sandler Film noun
A film in which you are either an idiot or regular guy who everyone (And I mean everyone in the whole town you live in) loves (apart from your ex girlfriend) and when things get hard you are prone to beat the beshizzle out of people and shout alot and this is supposed to be funny.

Sadly, it is not.
Submitted by Dinky Diamond, 03/07/2008

Ah, Hell... verb
Noise of exasperation uttered by Nick Nolte. Best sign that he is put out/annoyed.
Submitted by Ted, 27/07/2009

Alan Topp noun
Top Business man, like Alan Sugar or Donland Trump.
Owned the company Topp Stiles, who catered for all stiles and thoroughfares in the country.
Sadly, the company folded in 2005 and Alan lost all his money, due to people confusing it with 'Topps Tiles' which is a tile company, not a stiles company.
Alan died last night in my arms, you bastards.
Submitted by Ted, 05/04/2006

Allen Bauer noun
Ordinary man who meets a mermaid who looks like Daryl Hannah naked and falls in love. Known to become bored when he has everything he wants.
Submitted by Dermot, 21/09/2008

Aloe Vera other
Popular phrase used in Coronation Street between 1978 & 2007
Submitted by Smokey Earl, 23/09/2008

Angel noun
Ageless immortal vampire, who is able to get fatter, slower and older as the series progresses.
Submitted by Dermot, 24/09/2008

Apprentice adjective
Usually the worst one of the bunch, catching Sir Alan in between showers and therefore off guard.

Warning, if you become the Apprentice and you are a twat, Nick and Margeret will hunt you down like a dog, just like they did with that pregnant whore.
Submitted by Harry Monk, 04/07/2008

Armpit Doctor other
A doctor who specializes in treating your Armpit for any Armpit related maladies, such as Hex and Goops.
Famously, an Armpit doctor was the first man to lick a monkey.
Submitted by Hugo Lesso, 17/07/2008

Arms plural noun
This is what I call my guns.
Submitted by Dermot, 21/09/2008

Arse Tennis verb
Rectum themed game known to be popular with the beach community of Rio de Janeiro.
Submitted by Poff, 22/03/2006

Art Kellog noun
Owner and inventor of Kellogs products.
Is known to have invented Corn Flakes whilst fitting a Flux Capacitor in his time machine when he slipped and banged his head.
Rice Krispies were invented when he wanted a way to annoy his ex-wife during breakfast time.

Recently Art has agreed to be one of the Lizards in Dermots' Lizards Den for Hobo-Bonobo.
Submitted by Art Kellog, 13/08/2008

Austin Princess noun
Dream of a ride
Submitted by Panda, 23/03/2006

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