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Mr. Singh was sitting on his bed in his underpants.
I offered him a cup of tea, he said no, and that he could'nt eat or drink again as his wife had left him for the man who announces the names of the meat at the supermarket.
"It's times like this that make you appreciate a mans form" He said, "Why are women so evil? Why did she leave me for this seller of meat and pies?"
I knew the answer really, it was because Tony Popp, which was the meat man's name, was giving Mrs. Singh free steaks and sausages, he smuggled them out in his parker jacket.
I tried to console Mr. Singh and tell him that there were plenty more fish in the sea, and that he should buy some goggles and flippers.
Bruno came round with a video for us all to watch, it was a film called, "Shirley Valentine"
We watched it with some crisps, Bruno had to leave before the end as he needed to go to the toilet in the solid way and Mr. Singh had no toilet, he got rid of it in 1996 after his brother lost his eyes in it. This may be another reason why Mrs. Singh left.
When the film finished Mr. Singh decided that he would go on holiday to Greece and find his own Shirley Valentine.
I got a postcard from him this morning, he is in the skip outside being sick into a night nurse cup.
He is sure he will make it to Greece tomorrow.


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