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The Book Group
Average Rating: 2 out of 5

Guide Dogs For The Blind
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The Book Group

The Book Group

Lately I have been feeling full and not interested in cereal. I get depressed when people sell cereal to me under the vague promise that it will turn my milk chocolate, this to me is not an exciting prospect, quite the opposite, this has caused my breakfast depression. Well, that and the fact that Mr. Singh has moved in with me and breakfast is his "crying time". I wouldn't mind, but he doesn't stop for the rest of the day, I can hardly concentrate when I am watching Loose Women, Mr. Singh says the women remind him of his wife, I shouldn't have mentioned that Mrs. Singh is still living with a man who fixes mopeds, but I did say she wasn't enjoying it as I hear them both moaning most nights for about an hour. There just doesn't seem to be anything that will stop him crying. Bruno thinks he is depressed, I don't think this is true, he just has leaky eyes, I suspect that can get quite annoying after a while.
Bruno is also living with me as his wedding was cancelled at the last minute as his wife to be suddenly remembered she had a dentist appointment and moved to Sicily.
Bruno will often cry with Mr. Singh, I have decided to use reverse psychology and laugh all the time, we get some odd looks in Iceland but in Tesco everyone seems to understand.
We have now decided to start a book group to while away the hours, Mr. Singh suggested Mr Kiplings Cakes but when I told him that was a packet of Apple Pies and not a book, he started crying again. Bruno suggested "Captain Corelli's Marvellous Mandolin Medicine", I said that would be great and we start it Monday once Bruno has "cut and shut" them together, what ever that means.


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Comment By: best pron, 20 Dec 2018, Rating: 2/5

Bhajee you had keertan by Bhai Ranjinder Singh - the day berofe they left this earth. Where can I download this from.. I really would like to listen to the keertanThank you
Comment By: Andreza, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 1/5

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Comment By: Tommy, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 0/5

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Gee whiz, and I thoghut this would be hard to find out.
Comment By: Jerome, 21 Dec 2012, Rating: 1/5

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